7 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Big Love, an HBO Series

If you guys thought that keeping one stable marriage was hard enough, imagine keeping three marriages at the same time. From creators Mark v.Olsen and Will Sccheffer, Big Love came to our television screens as one of the most entertaining HBO series of the season.

This TV series proposes that sometimes, a marriage needs more than two people. Bill Henrickson, along with his three wives and his three families, share three interconnected houses located in a very traditional neighborhood in the suburbs of Salt Lake City.

This huge family lives a lifestyle that few of us are used to seeing or understanding, that is, until the Henricksons opened the doors to their house. They show us a complex world with complicated characters, but above all, a very compassionate story.

Big Love is a guilty pleasure that HBO SERIES brings us…but don’t feel too guilty to watch it, because it should be a sin to miss out on it.

Here I will tell you why you should definitely be a fan of Big Love, the TV series.

7. A new concept of a loving family: I like that the series shows us a new concept of family, but what I especially like, is the true and deep love that the women profess to each other, comparable almost to the love that they feel for their husband Bill. Without that love between the wives, the family wouldn’t work.

6. The participation of the children: Because instead of being just spectators, they have their own drama, with small but interesting stories, that progressively show us how they think and feel, especially about their religion.

5. Excellent music for the atmosphere: The amazing soundtrack composed by Mark Mothersbaugh, David Byrne and Anton Sanko, adapts to the different situations of the plot, perfectly highlighting every image and emotion of the series. Sometimes delicate, others times beautiful, and always intense, the sound track goes with the important events of the story and gives them more relevance.

4. The Mormons and polygamy from a different view: My favorite thing about this show is that it tells us a story about a subject that we already know from our own perspective: Polygamy, but giving it a big twist and showing the different perspectives of this lifestyle, that we often cruelly judge, not keeping in mind that they believe in it, because these principles and values are incorporated since they are babies in their minds and in their culture.

3. The definition of the characters: Every character has something fabulous to show to the audience about the human behavior, their profiles are well defined, and their interaction makes this story dramatic and breathtaking.

2. The storyline is captivating
: I got interested in this series, but unfortunately I didn’t watch it from the first season, so I went to the HBO Series website and read a quick synopsis that got me caught up. Now I can’t miss a single episode. I absolutely recommend it because it really is a unique series that shows the daily problems that a Mormon family has to face, considering that they live an unusual life by our culture’s standards.

1.The three wives and their roles: I frankly love the plot of the series. I am fascinated with the wives’ characters, they all have different personalities and morals, but paradoxically they are sisters, which forces them to get along because they are not only married to the same man, but also share the same family.

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