7 Things to Do with Baby’s Old Clothes

Apart from eating and sleeping, one other thing babies do well is go through clothes. It is a fact that the average baby could have gone through 5 different cloth sizes by his/her first birthday. The dilemma that parents then face is what to do with the growing pile of baby clothes.

The question of what to do with old baby clothes is answered with the 7 options below

1.TRADE: Baby clothes can be traded on the internet. Thred up is a website that allows parents and care givers to trade or swap baby clothes. It operates by having swappers fill the USPS Priority mail medium sized boxes with clothes or toys and list them for swapping.

2.DONATE: There are quite a few charities geared to women and children that would appreciate getting a donation of gently-used baby clothes. The local women’s shelter will usually accept donations of clothes and toys as Goodwill stores and Salvation Army locations

3.CONSIGN: If baby’s old clothes include high-end designer items, then consider selling them with a local consignment store. Most consignment stores will set the prices and split the proceeds at a predetermined rate. It’s alway a good idea to contact the store and find out what they’ll accept before visiting as their inventory is based on seasonal demand.

4.SELL ONLINE: Lots of baby clothes can be sold on Craigslist and Ebay. Both have their pros and cons. Form my experience with Craigslist, every for sale listing receives ten enquiries with only one being serious enough to result in a sale. When selling on Ebay, it’s important to accurately account for shipping costs as those can run quite high

5.STORE: Old baby clothes can always be stored in plastic totes if a storage space is available. This option works if there’s a plan to reuse the clothes for younger siblings or family members and friends

6.GROUP SALES: Local neighbourhood sales usually offer patents an opportunity to sell of their old baby clothes. They can be in the form of a multi-family garage sale or a parents of multiple sale. With these sales, anyone can be a buyer but sellers have to be registered with the local organizer

7.MEMORIALISE: Old baby clothes can easily become family heirlooms when they are turned into quilts. There are talented artisans on Etsy who make memory quilts out of old clothes.

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