A Bayview Hotel Horror Heist

For the first time in my life I would be driving behind friends for two days, down to the tip of Texas for the camping trip of a life time. For an eighteen year old, it was nerve wracking and exciting!

We made it to Oklahoma City and pulled our tired selves into the Bayview hotel after being on the road for eight hours. I figured I could leave most everything in my car, save my purse, my biggest luggage, and the camera.

As I dreamed away on my full sized bed, the clock struck midnight and my friend called my room. He’d been strolling the parking lot because of insomnia and noticed my car was missing. Oh. . .surely not!

I rushed outside, and when I came to the parking lot my whole body froze. There was an enormous empty space where my car was supposed to be. Panic arose. I ran back into my room for the keys, but I couldn’t find then.

Then it hit me: in the sleepy routine of unpacking, I left the key in the trunk lock. And there it must have dangled for the thieves’ greedy eyes. My friends stuffed me into their car and for a week I lived out of the one pair of shoes I had on my feet.

But how about a happy ending? My car was found three months later. In one piece. And I’m still driving it!

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