A Beginners Herb Garden with a Theme

I love having fresh herbs to cook with in the kitchen. Growing a simple herb garden isn’t difficult and this easy to follow guide will help you through the process.

You’ll Need
Potting Soil
Planters (Flower Pots) or a Tilled Up Garden Patch
Gardening Gloves
Herb Seeds (We’ll Pick What Kind Later)
Small Spade

You Won’t Need
Pesticide (You’re eating this)
Miracle Grow (You’re eating this)
A Lot of Space
A Lot of Time

Let’s figure out how much space you have to grow herbs. If you’re using a garden patch outside, you can really spread out. If you are using a small window box in the kitchen, you’ll want to focus on one to three of your favorite cooking herbs. When I plant a window box of herbs I choose a theme. One is devoted to tea herbs, another to breakfast herbs, Italian herbs, and even herbs for bread making. It makes growing herbs fun and easy.

What are you’re favorite herbs to cook with? I love cilantro, chives, and rosemary. I grow all three in my kitchen window. Pasta lovers, you may want to consider some oregeno or basil. Oregeno does have a tendency to ‘take over’ and grow like crazy. This herb will need it’s own space to grow unless you plan to trim it back a lot. Parsley is great on eggs in the morning. Tea lovers, try mint and lemon balm which are easy to grow. Visit herbBee for a list of common culinary herbs and their uses.

Let’s choose a theme. What’s your favorite meal of the day? Would a little parsley on your eggs get your day off to a great start? Maybe some fresh mint in your Mojito after work? Here are some common herb garden themes and the herbs you’ll want to buy.

Breakfast Herbs; Parsely, Chives, and Dill or Cilantro
Breads; Basil, Chives, Caraway, or Thyme
Teas: Mint, Chamomille, Lemon Balm, or Rose Hips
Italian Foods: Basil, Oregeno, Parsley, or Thyme

Let’s Plant
After you buy your supplies, you’ll need to fill your planter with potting soil and follow the instructions on each seed packet. Some herbs need more sunshine than others, the planting depth may vary, and watering times may differ.

General Tips
Keep your herbs within reach of your cooking space if possible. DO NOT use any pesticide at all. Make sure not to over water your seedlings. Within weeks, you’ll have fresh herbs every day. Try planting various herbs throughout your home. Anything natural relaxes us; mind, body, and spirit.

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