A Better Way to Do “Pro-Life”

I am Pro-Life.

I believe people have a right to their own bodies, yes. But I believe that right extends to unborn children as well.

I won’t go into my reasons why in any more detail. I’m sure you’ve all heard the arguments for both sides. You’ve seen the hateful, bloody battle that both sides have been fighting. You’ve heard the ruthless attacks and the fear-mongering. And, while I’m not going to change my mind about my stance on this issue, I am going to come out and say, on behalf of my fellow Pro-Life supporters that I am sorry.

I am truly, remorsefully sorry, not for our beliefs, but for the way that we’ve expressed them. I am sorry for the hate and the ignorance. I am sorry for turning a blind eye to some of the reasons why people get abortions. I am sorry for the hurtful, accusing bumper stickers. I am sorry for calling people “The Mother of a Dead Baby,” or “Murderer.” I am sorry for not realizing that any woman who feels the need to give up her baby is probably struggling enough as it is without us adding shame and guilt. That isn’t our place. I hope you’ll forgive us, and I hope we will do a better job of supporting life.

Pro-Lifers, how can we support life without throwing so much hate at our opponents? Perhaps the best way is to realize why some women get abortions. Some are afraid of the judgment they will receive at home or at church. Some can’t afford to take care of a baby. Some have gotten pregnant because of rape or because of a bad relationship. Some were not ready for children but didn’t have knowledge about, or access to birth control.

Instead of attacking the people who are getting abortions, how about attacking the problems?

If we want to be Pro-Life, we need to start taking the responsibility that comes with the title. We need to volunteer at pregnancy centers. We need to give to mothers in need. We need to stop shaming our pregnant teenage daughters- stop kicking pregnant teenagers out of our churches. Schools that kick out pregnant girls? Enough with that! Schools need to make accommodations to let these ladies finish their education. We need to volunteer to baby-sit. We need to fight for women’s rights in work-places. We need to stop ignoring and belittling the problems caused by rape and abuse. We need to provide people with easy access to birth control.

Being pro-life means helping. It means providing a reason for life.

It’s not enough to tell a woman to keep her baby. We must help her do so.

Pro-Choicers, I hope you’ll forgive us for our hatred. Pro-Lifers, I hope you’ll help me stop the hatred. I hope you’ll help me make a difference that will say more than any bumper sticker or billboard ever could.

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