A Broken Heart Never to Mend

What have I done to make you hate me
what have I done that you
just dont care
what can I do to make you love me .
what happened to the love
that we once shared .
We used to be the best of friends
could tell of anything
But then one day this all changed and
that friendship now I do not see.
I wont let it hurt me,
the tears you see are not real
they are truly fake, like the kind
you get in a store
to take away the red.
the pain you see in my eyes
are not for you to see
but someone you dont know,
who really may love me!
so see I dont need your love
I can make it on my own ..
I needed you once when I was young
but not now that I am grown.
You may love him and her ,more than me
and some may call it jealousy.
but one thing I can guarentee is
I will never hurt you
like you have truly hurt me
I always thought your love was
unconditional but now I see
the truth in it ,
its just superficial.

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