A Cat’s Hungry Mind

As I sit on this window sill, thoughts enter my mind,
When will I be eating again and at what time?
Where is the lady who gets me my food?
Where is that little kid? Where is that dude?
Oh someone should feed me, it’s been 15 minutes!
I hope its some turkey and maybe some giblets.
What is for dinner? What could it be?
Some chicken? Some bacon? Or fish from the sea?
I hope it’s some salmon it’s one of my faves,
It needs to come soon to fix hunger pains!
My stomach is growling. I want food now!
I did feel like purring but now I must howl!
Whats that noise I hear? Oh could it be true?
It’s a can opener, I knew they’d come through!
The can is now open! Meowing works every time!
Beef stew and gravy, simply divine.

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