A Closer Look at Webpass

What is Webpass

Webpass is Internet for the urban dweller that operates on what the company describes as a “commercial-grade point to point wireless mesh network.” It does not use the old telephone system that other Internet services do. Webpass uses the new technology to provide a simple residential Internet service to buildings throughout the San Francisco area. The company works to maximize the service that residents in buildings of 20 or more units receive in their Internet browsing. Webpass keeps its service simple with one package and two payment options. One option is a monthly fee structure and the other a yearly payment option. The company has been operating and perfecting its service for a few decades, while committing to operating green and delivering the best Internet to customers as they can.

Webpass Benefits

There are several benefits to using Webpass over the traditional Internet services. Webpass is simple to install. Technicians come into the apartment to install an Ethernet jack that customers use to get online. There is no additional charge for the installation service, nor does the Ethernet jack cost the customer. Webpass does not require a contract either. The performance of Webpass’s Internet over other providers is unmatched. The company offers four times the download speed (and 10 times the upload speed) of cable Internet, the fastest of the traditional services. There are no overage fees and or hidden costs to customers. Webpass offers customers the choice of three download speeds, but only one price for the service no matter which you choose.

Eligibility for Service

Webpass is located in San Francisco and covers buildings in Berkeley, Oakland and Emeryville. The service is only available to buildings with more than 20 units because it is the best way to keep costs down for Webpass residential Internet users. The point of the Webpass system is to make Internet service a hassle-free option for people living in apartments, areas that once suffered from signal issues and performance problems from the overextended system. It is not available for single family homes or in rural areas. In addition, apartment complexes outside of the areas listed above are also ineligible for the service. You can sign up for Webpass and schedule an installation online. A customer service representative can guide you through the process. It will be the simplest you’ve ever used.

Residential Internet service has been around for a few decades but seems to be advancing slowly toward a better way to access the Internet. Webpass is the cutting edge of Internet service providers, but for buildings only. The dawn of a newer, faster service for all residential users is still in the future. However, you can become a more informed consumer simply by understanding what the telephone and cable companies are offering and how it affects your Internet search habits. Know what you need in a service and what is being offered. Once more residential customers begin seeing the rift between what is offered and what is needed, then more companies like Webpass can begin offering new technology for people in every type of dwelling, who are simply asking for a better Internet service.


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