A Crow Flies

A crow flies by my balcony
With it a thought occurs to me
Soaring on black wings

I am the bird as it flies free
Above a never ending sea
Eyeing distant things

Now perching on a distant tree
I think I may have found the key
Lying on the shore

You cannot see it physically
But we all seek it endlessly
To lovingly adore

It is not such a mystery
And yet none of us seem to see
Right before our eyes

The things we seem to prize truly
Make us weak, unkind, and greedy
Giving only lies

We run for some normality
Not individuality
Not flying above

Remember all we need to be
Is loved unconditionally
And return that love

You may think it’s not worth the fee
But we all need that somebody
This is truly so

With this Truth known we’re now worthy
To follow our true destiny
Flying like the crow

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