A Divine Obligation

” He who hath come into this world has a divine obligation to serve humanity.” This quote sums up what mankind should do, and should continue to do for the betterment, enrichment, and enlightenment of every human being on earth. To often though mankind has deviated from this path and instead caused, is causing, and will continue to cause horrific suffering of unimaginable magnitudes upon all mankind.

The 21st century began with catastrophic violence and human tragedy. The blatant attack on New York was just another result from mankind’s deviation from our divine objective. Regardless of differences in cultures, races, or religions all living things have there rightful place in nature and on earth. A thirst for power, monetary wealth, and control of populations have influenced mankind’s goals, actions, or inactions to reap self-gratifying obsessions.

Through-out history mankind has experienced mans desertion of our divine obligation only to wallow in acute poverty, disease, devastation, and starvation. The world today even with all our advanced technology mankind continues to render populations ability to rise above the squalor, pestilence, and hunger helpless in their attempt to gain a better life. Most often without thinking of the short and long term consequences of mans actions have resulted in populations, nature, and the environment to sink into a world full of anarchy, unimaginable poverty, and a climate on the very edge of an environmental catastrophe.

Does mankind have the resolve, the will, the patience, and the benevolence to redirect our aspirations, goals, and objectives to a world that is filled with generosity, respect, and compassion? The choice is ours and mankind’s alone. For if mankind is to continue on this most uncompromising, self gratifying, and self destructive path we will all continue to linger and languish in a continued cycle of diminishing opportunities.

What the world needs now is a unified plan of direction short and long term. One that encompasses every ethnic group, religion, and cultural entity so that every person will be able to share the good fortune that is a direct result of a common denominator of mankind. Every person needs shelter, abundant fresh water, fresh food, clothing and the means to continue to have all of these basic necessities met.

The United Nations with the full support of all major industrialized nations have to implement a full scale interventional program into the worlds poorest countries so that all populations will be able to have the means, the resources, the education, and the opportunities for every human being not to be denied the basic necessities of life.

There is no excuse in today’s world that any person is denied the basic necessities of life. When populations are denied their basic necessities mankind is indeed diverting from mankind’s divine obligation and our world will continue to self destruct.

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