Abolishing the Ghosts of Halloweens Past

Time freezes, yet goes by

My days turn to night

To look in the mirror is surreal

The image does not match how I feel

To break the mirror and make it crack

Would be more accurate, or to paint it black

Reality is not what I covet it to be

I’m trapped in chains instead of soaring free

Momentary breakdowns are replaced by feeling numb

Ghosts seem less prevalent when you ignore them

The apparitions come back to taunt and to haunt

I scream, “You’ve gotten what you want!”

The voices and the echoes, they won’t go away

My emotions and my heart are where they like to play

The ghosts of my past hide long enough for me to feel safe

They reappear and seek me by yelling “boo” in my face

A false sense of security is replaced by instability

I grasp moments of tranquility

Surrounded by people, yet I feel alone

My heart skips beats and has turned to stone

The ghosts dig my past up from the grave

They desire me to be their slave

The lifeless entities help others bury me alive

They bury , but I am determined to revive.

Here I stand, partly alive and half dead

Filled with hope, yet also dread

I look at my shadow and it better portrays

This toxic, perplexing haze

I will battle you morbid ghosts

I am familiar with your deception; you’re a hoax

Go back to the grave from where you came

I no longer want to play your malignant game

Depart, you wicked lie

You’re already dead, so say goodbye

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