Accepting the Dead Space

If its horrifying scenes and brutal violence didn’t scare you enough than maybe the parts that really scared you were when the protagonist, Isaac Clarke, fell into terrible visions of his dead girlfriend screwing with his mind. You might be asking yourself if the game I am writing about is even legal, the answer is yes-somehow. Dead Space 2, known for its marketing slogan “Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2,” has become a marvelous game of horror, psychology, and controversy. In the game, Isaac Clarke is thrown into yet another Necromorph zoo of death and gore; however, this isn’t the only thing he is thrown into, he is also thrown into insanity and dementia brought on by not accepting the death of his girlfriend and by the influences of the mysterious Marker.

This game is my favorite game of 2011 because it showed us how acceptance is a very crucial part of the human condition and how necessary it is to know one’s self. This game of survival is best played in the dark at a very late hour because of its fear inducing scenes and crazy climatic battles. However, I wasn’t completely drawn to Dead Space 2 because of its gore and violence, what really brought me in was how Isaac was battling himself, in a Man Vs. Self plot. Acceptance was the major theme of this game and it wasn’t until the end of the game that Isaac finally realizes he has had the power to end all of the suffering, both from inside and outside of himself. By accepting the death of his girlfriend, he removes the influences The Marker has on his mind; thus, freeing his mind and ending the production of more Necromorphs. Besides Dead Space 2’s violence and gore, I would recommend this game because of its theme of acceptance, which every human being needs to…accept. Have fun and don’t play alone…

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