ACER – My Favourite Laptop

The model that I have purchased has a very beautiful and attractive look. I could not but immediately ask the demonstration personnel for packing it up after complying with other requirements that were necessary for smooth operation. This was my first impression about this ACER laptop Aspire 5740 and I realised subsequently that my decision was very correct. This Laptop has the following favourable features which please me very much :

It outperforms many Laptops within this price range. Its function is superb and has a very pleasing get-up. Besides, this laptop has typical storage features. A sizable GB hard drive provides enough space for applications, data / media files.

It has a fairly typical display panel of 15.6 inch with a glossy coating. This is really very appealing. The picture is very bright and colourful with decent viewing angles. I find it is the speediest in terms of all-round performance with everyday productivity apps. The gemstone blue lid looks extremely nice over the gunmetal grey area surrounding the keyboard

With a such a large display panel , the laptop is only an inch thick and weighs around 6.5 pounds. Thus I feel it convenient to carry it when I go out on a trip. I deem it a companion during my outing and enjoy the trip well. The sound quality is comparatively very nice and built-in stereo speakers are quite good and deliver nice audio effect. The ports and slots that this laptop delivers meet my requirements and are quite upto my expectation. The volume control mechanism is quite satisfactory and necessay adjustment system helps me to set it at the desired point

The in-built web-cam nicely projects the image of the desired object / person at the slightest touch of the required button. Thus the distance is not a problem , you may call the desired person on the screen whenever you like The running time of the laptop is roughly four hours, so once the battery is fully charged, there is nothing to worry. The battery charging is indicated through an amber light and when the battery is fully charged it turns blue from amber colour. This is of immense help and this provision is not available in some other laptops of this price range

The head-phone attachment facility is of great advantage. You can enjoy your favorite music / programme at any public place without disturbing anybody. The internal optical drive accepts the C D or D V Ds very easily. The latch lock functions well and locks and releases the lid easily and effectively

There may be some problem to someone, of glare and reflection depending upon the lighting conditions owing to glossy coating. The Laptop is, otherwise, very beautiful, nice and useful. This is worth having an item of multiple utility and a true companion in real sense.

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