Acne Problems

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Remember the days when you were a teenager? One of the biggest medical problems you had was getting a pimple. That one pimple was thought of as disfiguring especially when it was on your face. Parents always told you not to worry about it. It was no big thing. Montreal parents didn’t understand how it was a big thing among teenagers. Remember Johnny the pimply face boy that nobody wanted to date? Your parents should have asked how awful acne really was. Fortunately today, the treatments have improved since the days we old-timers were teenagers.

Acne occurs because hair follicles get clogged with oils and debris such as dead skin. Teens could cover the neck or back to hid from acne but it is very difficult to cover the face. There is only so much that makeup can do for a girl. Well the boys were pretty much alone. Depending on the severity of the acne teens could be severely traumatized. Severe acne mad them the butt of jokes and in some cases severely curtailed their social life.

Symptoms of acne

Acne will appear on the surface of the skin which contains the largest oil glands. Therefore you will commonly find acne on the face, arms, neck, and back. There are two forms of acne.

Montrealers who have serious acne can get an referral from their family doctor for a dermatologist in their area, or they choose to visit a private clinic and pay for the services rendered.

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