Ad Nausea This Sept. 11

I was taught: show no weakness to your enemy. Yet here is the USA, whining about our losses and having huge celebrations on the anniversary of September 11th, is the mode of preference. Our media fuels this.

Gee, if I’m a caveman in Pakistan, I still know that the so-called news types will go ape shit if I can light up a train or a few automobiles in NYC or DC, because they are poised to do just that.

So. It’s a ‘terrorists’ dream.

9-11 changed me in that it made me even more cynical about American governance. And I’ve been cynical about America’s Congressional and Presidential ‘leadership’ ever since Vietnam. The men in charge, OK Condi and Hilary are in there too, these folks don’t know how to play poker on the world stage. They think their submarines, tanks, air planes, air craft carriers, B 52 bombers and all their military hardware are going to make a difference in the world that they seek to control.

Wrong, dinosaur breath.

Better to lower the USA’s profile in oil rich lands –it is a far smarter play.

But they are Old School.

My hope is that the younger kids will learn from grandpa and grandma’s errors in strategy.

But I don’t hold my breath.

The big hammer is much easier to swing at ‘em, and you can count dead bodies and boast that you ‘took’ some hill in the middle of nowhere.
But that’s where America is in fighting this 9-11 war, Nowhere.

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