Adam Levine Feuds with FOX News – What’s the Singer Up to These Days?

Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine has just gotten himself into a Twitter war with some FOX News personalities! It all started when the 32-year-old singer took to Twitter to tell the conservative-leaning network to stop playing his band’s music on their “evil f-cking channel,” according to Us. A Fox News host shot back by using the social networking site to tell the singer to stop making “crappy f-cking music.” That news anchor is reportedly 45 years old, but all this feuding seems more like high school!

We’re sure this will work itself out, and one side or the other will apologize, but meanwhile we wonder – what’s the front man been up to lately? Other than getting in internet fights.

Mentoring up-and-coming singers on “The Voice.” Aside from his band, the singer’s most recognizable gig is his job acting as coach to aspiring singers on NBC’s reality singing competition show. While the singer no doubt loves giving advice to people hoping to follow in his footsteps, working on the set may not be a walk in the park. Fellow mentor Christina Aguilera gets paid more than the other mentors, including Adam, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton. She also gets her own private porta-potty. Diva!

Launching a clothing line. The singer has recently joined the ranks of celebrity fashion designers by launching his new line called 222. The line features both men’s and women’s clothes, and has a focus on simplicity and basics like jeans and t-shirts. The brand’s name is a shout-out to the singer’s lucky number. This is bound to sell like hot cakes – especially since the singer acts as his own model, wearing the brands clothes.

Getting naked. The “Harder to Breathe” singer stripped down to pose for the cover of Vogue Russia with his girlfriend, according to Us. His girlfriend, Anne V, is a model, and it looks like the tattooed star is taking cues from her. He looked totally comfortable baring it all in front of the camera. It’s not his first time going nude either. The singer posed in the buff for Cosmopolitan UK to raise awareness about testicular cancer. Who knew stripping down could do so much good?

Keeping fit. Of course, if you’re going to show off your body as often as the singer does, you’ve got to stay in shape. Plus, when you’re on tour performing night after night, you need to make sure your stamina’s on point. One of the ways the buff musician stays in shape and keeps calm is by doing yoga. The performer focuses on flexibility when he practices yoga. Yogic meditation is probably a great way to come up with lyrics, too!

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