Adrienne Clarkson and the Fifth Estate

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To learn more about Canadian or Quebec politics, both McGill University and Concordia University in Montreal offer wonderful political science degrees, that you may want to look into.

Montreal’s Concordia University has a wonderful women’s studies program at the Simone do Beauvoir Institute

The duties of a governor general is to represent the ruling British Monarch in Canada. The governor general carries out administrative duties and also celebratory or festive activities. We will now look at the three female governor generals of Canada, two of which were from Montreal.

Adrienne Clarkson: Chinese Canadian Female Governor General of Canada

Adrienne Clarkson’s Years in Journalism: “Take 30″ and “the Fifth Estate”

Adrienne Clarkson’s career in journalism

Though she suffered somewhat of a disappointed with her own show, Adrienne Clarkson became co-host of a new show on hard news Canadian journalism called the fifth estate (no capitals in this show’s branding). The show got its name because the media is often referred to as the “fourth estate” and this show went beyond the norms to cut at the heart of investigate journalism. Clarkson’s original co-host was Warner Troyer, but the two were not able to work together and Warner quit. He was replaced by Peter Reilly and Eric Malling.

Adrienne did an comprehensive study of the McCain family (McCain foods) who prompted a senator to question her Canadian citizenship.

Adrienne Clarkson was tough as nails; exactly the type of person needed in investigate journalism. She and her co-host provided much needed and much acclaimed television reporting to the Canadian people. Clarkson won several ACTRA Awards, for journalism excellence.

Agent General for France and then book publisher

Adrienne Clarkson left television for five years to become the culture liaison for Ontario in France. She also promoted the Province of Ontario in other European countries and States. After fulfilling her role as cultural liaison she returned to private business in Canada where she became the publisher and president of McClelland_and_Stewart, once a division of Random House.

Her association of the publishing house was not a good one. The company was in financial trouble and she was not able to release them from it. Consequently she was not very popular and after several staff protest resignations, she too resigned 18 months later.


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