Adrienne Clarkson: Heart Matters

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To learn more about Canadian or Quebec politics, both McGill University and Concordia University in Montreal offer wonderful political science degrees, that you may want to look into.

Montreal’s Concordia University has a wonderful women’s studies program at the Simone do Beauvoir Institute

The duties of a governor general is to represent the ruling British Monarch in Canada. The governor general carries out administrative duties and also celebratory or festive activities.

The Clarkson legacy

Adrienne Clarkson Continues to Defend the Position of Governor General As Head of State

Adrienne Clarkson was both respected and criticized as the Governor General of Canada. All in all she gave a great to service to Canada and fulfilled her role well.

After Adrienne Clarkson’s viceregal position

In September 2005, she and her life partner John Ralston Saul bought a home in Toronto.

The Institute for Canadian Citizenship

Adrienne Clarkson founded the The Institute for Canadian Citizenship, its goal is to help new Canadians to understand Canadian history and culture. The Institute for Canadian Citizenship, runs several programs promoting different aspects of Canadian life including the arts.

Adrienne contracted with Penguin Books Canada to publish her memoirs. The first of her books, Heart Matters, was published in 2006. Even though Adrienne Clarkson had written several books in her earlier days as a CBC television celebrity, this was the first after her governor generalship. Clarkson became the third former governor general to write memoirs.

Heart Matters, was done in two sections, the first part contained her early life including her work at the CBC in journalism, and the second half of the book talked about her time in office as governor general of Canada. In this book, Clarkson, talked about her relationship with two Canadian Prime Ministers. Paul Martin and Jean Chrétien. She had negative things to say about Prime Minister Paul Martin but positive things to say about Jean Chrétien . Her book received mixed reviews, and her recommendations that subsequent Governor Generals be voted in by the house of Commons was rejected by the Monarchists, but supported by Macleans.


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