Advice for Flying with Toddlers

Traveling with a toddler can be daunting no matter how you do it but traveling on an airplane presents a whole host of problems and obstacles to overcome. Here are some tips and ideas that you can use to help make flying with a toddler a little easier.

Try to Book For Nap Time

If your child has a set naptime try to find a flight that would have you in the air around that time of day. Booking around naptime would increase your chances of having your little one fall asleep during your flight, making for a much more peaceful trip for everyone involved.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

This one is pretty much a given but you will want to make sure that you arrive at the airport early and give yourself plenty of time to get everything done before getting on the plane. Even if you already arrive early at the airport when you fly without a toddler you will want to arrive even earlier than normal because navigating an airport with a toddler can really slow you down.

Plan Ahead For Security

Planning ahead will make getting through the security screening easier. If your child is use to carrying a sippy cup or bottle you will want to remember the airline’s new rules on liquids, and dump them out before getting into the security line. Also, if you are bringing your child’s stroller with you it will need to be broken down and put on the conveyor belt to be screened.

Bring Some Entertainment

Most parent’s know that there is no way that their toddler can sit through a flight without something to do and will bring along some things to keep them busy on the flight. A portable DVD player to watch on the flight is great, as are coloring books, crayons, favorite books, and small toys are all great things to take along on your flight.

Have Something To Help Avoid Ear Popping

Toddler’s ears are much more sensitive to ear popping from the change in air pressure during taking off and landing. Having something for your child to drink, or giving them gummy fruit snacks will help to avoid ear popping.

Pack Light in Your Carry On I know there are so many things that you will need to carry onto the flight with you since you are trying to keep a toddler entertained and this seems impossible but you will want to pack your carry on as light as possible when you are traveling with a toddler, especially if you are traveling by yourself. If your toddler is asleep or you have to carry your toddler trying to lug both them and a heavy carryon through an airport may be too much. Backpacks also work great as a carryon when traveling with a toddler because they allow you to keep your hands free.

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