DIY Halloween Costume: Kate Middleton

Want to be a princess for Halloween? How about Kate Middleton? Actually, Catherine is the Duchess of Cambridge, rather than a princess, but the recent royal wedding bride is one of the hottest trick-or-treat costume choices of the year.

Take your pick for a Kate Middleton costume.

The fashion plate socialite royal offers plenty of options for Halloween get-ups. Here are three of our favorites with easy instructions, so you can pull this fancy look without spending a king’s ransom.

For each option, you may need a long brown wig, unless your own locks offer such a style.

1. Be a royal bride, if you want to wear white.

Rummage around in your favorite resale shop or consignment store to find an elegant bridal gown. Look for a wedding dress with a lace bodice, full-lace sleeves and a train.

Style your hair in sleek, straight locks with just a hint of curl at the ends. Add a wispy white veil and some understated makeup, and you’re ready to go.

2. Don a classic dress with a huge hat for the Duchess of Cambridge’s own look.

Local second-hand stores are also primo places for finding classic cast-offs. Improvise with bargain finds, unless you already have a load of preppy dresses in your closet. Aim a simple sheath in a basic color, such as solid red, navy or black. Or choose a traditional trench coat, featuring a belt with a quality buckle.

Slip on a pair of medium pumps or flat riding-style boots.

Don’t forget the hat, which caps off Kate Middleton’s trademark look. Opt for a wide-brimmed number, preferably with a frilly feather, and wear it slightly atilt over long, gently waved locks.

3. Round up Kate Middleton’s own rodeo style.

The royal couple made quite a splash at the 2011 Calgary Stampede Rodeo, as part of their whirlwind post-wedding North American Tour.

For Halloween, why not slip on a pair of dark-washed skinny jeans with a classy pair of cowboy boots? Tuck in a classically feminine Western button-down shirt, and add an understated leather Western belt. Skip the bling.

Top it off with a crisp, clean white cowboy hat, and be sure to practice your proper royal clapping.

Don’t forget the most important Kate Middleton costume accessory!

Finish off your Kate Middleton costume by choosing a proper Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, as your escort for Halloween, and you’re ready for a royal good time.

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