“Doctor Who: The Jade Pyramid” Audiobook by Martin Day

What to do with the Doctor Who TV series on hiatus until fall 2012? Catch up on my Doctor Who audiobooks, that’s what. I’ve got a lot to get through and I thought since the series is on the 11th Doctor, portrayed by Matt Smith, I’d get through the latest ones first. It seems that Matt Smith is growing on me as the Doctor, I wasn’t quite sure at first, I had really become fond of David Tenant, but change is inevitable, especially with the doctor. With this audiobook featuring Matt Smith reading, I’ve grown a little more fond of his portrayal of the Doctor, he is able to continue with the attitudes that only he could have in this role and this reading makes it easy to escape into another episode of Doctor Who.

Another aspect of the audiobook being easy to perceive as another episode is that it is just over one hour of listening time. Sure Doctor Who can run a multi-episode story arc, but some of the best are simple one show adventures, and that is exactly what this book is. The audiobook even begins and ends with the iconic them music so you know you are ready for a ride in the TARDIS.

The story begins with the TARDIS receiving a distress call from a Shinto shrine, in medieval Japan on Earth. The Doctor and Amy Pond arrive in a small village and met by the village elder, Shijo Sada. He finds the Doctor an intriguing sort, who seems aloof yet full of the knowledge of the ages. He takes them to a holy site that is guarded by small ogre-like statues called Otoroshi. The Otoroshi are said to guard the ancient jade pyramid in the heart of the temple. The temple is so holy that only the monks are allowed in and that the temple has strange healing properties.

It turns out the Shogun, the ruler of Japan, wants the pyramid and has ordered seven samurai to take possession of the temple. Amy ventures into the temple and discovers that the guardians can come to life to protect the temple. The Doctor is attacked by a niinja and the adventure runs from there leading the Doctor deep within the temple to discover the secrets of the Jade Pyramid.

With Samurai, Ninjas, Aliens and the Doctor, this story is full of fun and adventure and is a must hear for any Doctor Who fan, and who knows, maybe able to attract the few that have yet to discover the fun in Doctor Who.

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