Doggie Skirt Pattern for Small Dogs

Dress your small dog in style with this one-of-a-kind pocket skirt. Old blue jeans, scrap fabric or old cotton/cotton blend clothing and a piece of ribbon combined together create a skirt that the neighbor’s dogs will envy.

Things You’ll Need:

Adult old denim jeans that have a back pocket with a flap
6-by-18-inch piece of fabric
18-inches ½-inch wide ribbon
Straight pins
Ironing board
Sewing machine
24-inch long piece of dental floss


Step 1 – Cut a back blue jean pocket with a flap from a pair of jeans. Cut as close to the pocket as possible.

Step 2 – Fold the two 6-inch edges and the bottom edge of the 6-by-18-inch piece of fabric toward the back of the fabric ¼-inch. Pin into place and iron.

Step 3 – Sew a straight seam down the center of the ¼-inch folded edge. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to create a finished hem.

Step 4 – Turn the fabric strip over so the back side is facing up. Position the cut edge of the fabric with the right side of the pressure foot. Set the sewing machine to zigzag. Place the dental floss directly under the needle with an end extending past the fabric by 4-inches. Zigzag over the top of the dental floss along the length of the fabric.

Step 5 – Flip the pocket over so the back side is showing and the bottom edge of the pocket is pointing toward you. Gather the fabric along the length of the dental floss until it is the width of the pocket. The thread will slide easily over the dental floss allowing an even gather.

Step 6 – Pin the gathered edge to the bottom edge of the pocket. Overlap the bottom edge of the pocket with the top ½-inch of the gathered material. Pin and sew into place.

Step 7 – Fold the 18-inch piece of ½-inch ribbon in half. Hold your finger over the center of the ribbon and open.

Step 8 – Position the center of the ribbon at the top center of the pocket, still working on the back side of the pocket. Pin along the top edge of the pocket.

Step 9 – Sew a straight seam along the top and bottom edge of the ribbon to hold in place.

Position the doggie skirt on your dog and tie in place.

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