Reality flickers in and out,

While the leaves fall from the trees.

Life appears lonely as the world

Remains broken and barren as

Far as the eye can see.

Waking up is never easy,

When the sun snatches away the dreams

That were meant to stay.

Every night loss is relived

As the love fades away

Into the vibrant dreamscape.

Fleeting feelings of despair fill

The hole the lost love left.

Yet hope is in the future for

Those who do not forget,

Keeping the memories alive in dreams.

Longing for the morning light,

But dreading the happiness it steals from the night.

Creates a conflict between illusions and

Reality. Time is the hero who heals the

Heart’s sorrow. Moonlight brings with it

The desire to dream and escape this pain.

Forever remembering and never forgetting

The hole left in the heart shall one

Day be patched; as life continues with

New memories and dreams to be had.

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