Eden Eternal Online Wetlands Guide – Part 1

This quest guide is to help new players get through the Wetlands area for Eden Eternal online. The last mission you completed should have been heading towards the Wetlands to talk to the Soul guardian. Your next task will be to talk to the Master adventurer Oeto located inside of the Wayward camp, he is standing just inside of the town not far from the giant robot. He will give you a quest to collect 7 “Mushroid spores” from the Magimushroids, and 7 “Mushroid hypha” from the Red Magimushroids located in the west fields. Report back to Oeto to complete the quest. Oeto will give you a new mission to collect the “analytic potion” from the energy chest, and two full water bottles.

The chest is located on the side of the small hut, use the auto find function to make your character run to each location. After you are done he will ask you to talk to Bes. Bes will ask you to talk to Master Rann, the one who is directly next to the robot. Rann will give a new quest to collect 3 ferine rootstalks, 3 noxious blossom rootstalks, and to defeat 1 transformed flower. They are located just east of the town. Click the acorn icon to fight the transformed flower monster. Once you have all the items and the small boss is killed, return to town and report to Merida to complete the quest. She will give a new mission to collect 1 rootstalk from the swamp ripper, it is a easy boss near the ferine flowers. After it is killed report back to Rann to complete the quest.

Venturing through the Wetlands

Talk to Merida again to gain the quest to travel to the Branda roots vicinity. Branda root is the dungeon located at the southern part of the map. Talk to Elea to complete the quest, he is standing near the dungeon’s entrance. Elea will give a new quest to kill 22 soul trees and 22 rotten moss soul trees. After the monsters are defeated, report back to Elea to complete the quest. He will give a new mission to collect 3 of the powerless crystals. Click the crystal icon to summon the rampaging soul trees, which will give you the items you need.

Talk to Elea again to complete the quest. He will give you yet another quest to defeat Aziz, you should be strong enough to kill it without a problem. Press the summon icon to run to the location to summon Aziz and defeat him. Once it is killed report back to Elea to complete the quest. He will now ask you to return to town and talk to Merida. After you talk to Merida she will ask you to run back to Elea one last time. Elea will then ask you to enter Branda root dungeon.

Entering Branda Root dungeon

Elea will ask you to kill Null heart and Acilino, both located within the Branda root dungeon at the southern part of the Wetlands. This is a three party dungeon that is fairly short if you run through this without any problems. When you first enter the dungeon there will be a small group of flower monsters waiting for you. The flowers aren’t difficult, but proceed with caution. If your healer fails to heal you, you could find your self dying quickly because of their numbers.

As you proceed farther into the dungeon you will come across the Swamp beasts, these monster are very hard to kill because of their high HP and defense stats. I recommend fighting these creatures separately from all the other monsters so that they don’t kill you in a mob fight.

Defeating Null heart and Acilino

As long as you keep the Swamp beasts divided from all the other monsters you should be just fine. The first boss you come across is Null heart. It is weak against blunt strikes and arrow pierces. If you get the BP low enough and break Null heart, then he is a whole lot easier to kill, the same goes for the next boss. Null heart has a poison damaging effect that it will place on you, but other than that he isn’t much of a problem.

The next boss you have to fight is Acilino. Acilino is weak against arrow piercing attacks and fire magic. He also has a massive AOE stun attack, so make sure to keep healers back as far as possible. If your healer gets stunned your tank will most likely die when they fail to heal them, which will lead to the rest of the party dying. Acilino also has a buff that raises his own attack and has a chance to slow down the player that he hits. If your healer stays alive to remove the debuffs and recharge your HP, you should be able to kill the boss without any problems.

Having a tank up front and a DPS to stand back near the healer to deal out heavy damage will also help to speed up the battle. Once the dungeon is clear, talk to Elea to complete the quest Elea will give you a new mission to talk to Rann and Oeto back in town, and after you talk to them report to Bes to complete the last Branda root quest.

Assisting Pharmacist Mort

Now make your way up north to pharmacist Mort. He will ask you to collect the 8 turtle moss, and 8 old turtle moss from the old Draco turtles and aqua Draco turtles, both monsters are located a few steps away from Mort. After all 16 items are collected report back to Mort to complete the quest. He will then ask you to make a “demon light cream”. In order to make it you will need 4 demon light dust and 4 darkness essence, both items drop from the wetland spirits, they are the little monsters roaming around near the turtles. After you have all the items click on the “folder” icon in your quest log to fuse the items together. The ones you need to fuse will be high lighted.

He will then ask you to talk to Monument, chronicle monument, and building monument. They are to the west near the simulacrum base crystal. They are not people, but stones scattered in the field. Just click on them to complete the task. Make sure that the base crystal is not red from the random monster invasions. If the base is over run then the monuments will disappear. After you talk to the monuments talk to the Forgotten soul to complete the quest, he isn’t far from the monument stones. He will then ask you to defeat 23 Behelder enchanters and 23 Behelder devils, both are a little bit farther west from the monuments. Once done report back to the Forgotten soul to complete the quest.

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