EFun Nextbook Next3 Tablet

The eFun Nextbook Next3 Tablet comes in at a lower price ($299.99) than most tablets because it doesn’t have many features built-in. Instead, they give you the option to expand the internal memory or download apps to tailor it to what you want without paying for things you don’t need. It has an 8.4″ TFT color touchscreen capable of 800×600 resolution, and it runs on the Android 2.1 operating system. It is Wi-Fi ready and has the ability to access a 3G network if you purchase a data plan. Inside there is a 600MHz Rockchip Processor and 256MB DDR2 RAM. There is 1.1GB of internal memory, but it has the ability to expand to 4GB with an SD card, or 8GB through the use of an SDHC card. There is a built-in battery and built-in speakers, as well as a 4-way G sensor that captures the motion of the tablet and is necessary to play motion-based games. The following are included in the box: the tablet, a protective case, a manual, USB cable, power adapter, and stylus.

The eFun Nextbook Next3 Tablet can play music and videos from the Internet, or those that you download from your personal computer. It is also an eBook reader, and comes with 25 free preloaded eBooks. If you want to buy any more, the Next3 is partnered with Kobo and you can purchase eBooks from them. In case you think Kobo is going out of business because they’re what the Borders eReader purchased books through, don’t worry. Kobo is a separate company from Borders Books, and is not closing when Borders does. The tablet also functions as a calendar and alarm clock, and has access to the Android market so if you want to download apps or games, they can be found there for free or for a price.


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