Exercising on a Budget

New Year’s resolutions have been made and hopefully are still being followed. Working out and getting in shape is popular. With obesity rates rising throughout the country, losing weight is becoming increasingly popular. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, In 2010, 33.8% of people in America were reported as obese. This has made getting fit among the top five most vowed pledges nearly every year. Resolutions rarely make it very long into the year. The problem is getting a club membership to start working out is expensive, but is it the only option? There are a number of ways to get fit without breaking the bank. Gym memberships are typically around $30 a month and require getting in the car.

6 Ways to Get Fit

1. The Outdoors-This is 100% free exercise. Walking through a path, hiking up a trail or jogging around your neighborhood are all excellent examples of using the great outdoors.

2. Use Your Television-There are a number of ways to do this. While new DVD programs like Insanity and P90X cost over $100, there are number of programs through cable television that have yoga, pilates and other types of workouts free of charge.

3. Use The Internet-The internet is a vast source of knowledge. You can find exercises to suit your time and fitness constraints.

4. Work Around The House-Mowing the lawn, raking leaves and shoveling snow are all great ways to get a workout. They help to keep your yard and driveway clean too.

5. Exercise Ball-These typically cost less than $50. There are a large number of exercises that can be done on an exercise ball to improve your health.

6. Homemade Equipment-Milk jugs filled with water and soup cans make great weights. If you don’t want to go out and buy expensive weights in the store, why not use what is right in front of you?

There are a number of ways to get fit without spending more than a few bucks. What is great about all of these is the freedom to do them whenever you see fit. You will not need to drive anywhere to do these exercises and they will yield similar results.

Making a Plan

If you are serious about getting fit, you will need to make a plan to follow through. It should include short and long term fitness goals. It is advisable to find someone who will hold you accountable. This can be a spouse, friend or family member that makes sure you are holding true to your resolution. If you want to be in the minority in holding true to your New Year’s resolution, you will need to have a plan and stick to it. Using one or a combination of these 6 options can help to ensure success.

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