Free Mustache Hat Costume Crochet Pattern

The crochet mustache hat costume pattern was found while looking for other gnome crochet costume patterns. I found it amusing to look at and reminded me of “Those Funny Little People” from this season of “America’s Got Talent.”

While the mustache hat costume isn’t near as funny as “Those Funny Little People,” it is just as silly. Another thing it reminded me of was a really bad costume I had seen once with a fake beard and mustache.

What can the mustache hat costume be used for?

Below are four ides for using the hat costume. You can use your imagination on how to create your own costumes and ideas to take these suggestions one step further.

A costume. The obvious is part of a costume that requires a cheesy beard and mustache. For instance, a cowboy, an outlaw, a pirate, a gnome, or a bearded lady from the circus.

For fun. You could wear it during the winter to creep people out. For instance, I have seen people wearing the oddest things during the winters in Kansas while driving their cars in different areas in Wichita.

For hunting. The hat could be crocheted using camo thread to help hide yourself from the game you are hunting. This could be helpful in areas where it is colder like Montana, Alaska, Wyoming, and the Dakotas.

Dress-up. The costume hat can be made to add to clothing for kids to dress up in for a fun filled day.

Costume Tips

Crochet the mustache hat to be worn with a knitted gnome hat to make a unique costume. When crocheting the hat, it may need to be made just a little larger to fit over this hat. If you are going to do this, the gnome hat will need to be tacked to the mustache hat so it will stay in place.

Use other hats on top of this hat for an authentic look to your costume. Hats that can be used are cowboy, baseball, football helmet, or pirate.

Use a wig to create a funnier costume for your favorite television or movie characters, sports player, or politician.

How to Crochet a Mustache Hat Costume

If you don’t want to signup at to get the PDF download you can use the images next to the PDF picture for the crochet instructions.

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