Fruit Ninja Kinect Wins Favorite Game of 2011 in My House

Video games are a passion for many, and they are really no difference in my house. When it comes to a favorite video game of 2011 though, the decision is a bit tough. With multiple consoles and computers in play, finding that perfect title was a challenge. While several Lego titles were played to the point of exhaustion, one game really set itself apart.

The winner for game of the year in my particular house is: Fruit Ninja Kinect. The collective gasp I just heard is confirmation of the surprise, but Fruit Ninja Kinect is an excellent title all the way around. The X Box 360 was able to take the pressure off the iPod thanks to the addition of the game.

Family Friendly Entertainment

The appeal behind Fruit Ninja Kinect is pretty simple: stand in front of the TV and chop as much fruit as possible. Putting combos together and swatting bonus bananas add to the enjoyment of the game. But since apples, oranges, and pineapples are the targets, the whole family can get in on the action. In addition, from the timed pressure of Arcade mode to the pinpoint accuracy of Classic mode the fun really lasts as long as the players’ shoulders hold up. The two-at-a-time modes are creative and always a good competition.

Ease of Control

The Kinect is put to good use in this edition of Fruit Ninja. The tracking works well for players of all ages, and when the arms start to flail the action really heats up. Really, the control scheme is made simple with the shadow of the player shown clearly on the background. This game could not be any easier, and at the same time could not any more challenging.


Fruit Ninja Kinect is available as a download from the X Box Live market place for 800 points, which translates into around $10, but can be a bit cheaper depending on the amount of points purchased. The more points purchased the better the deal. Really, at that price level this game represents an outstanding value.

Replay Factor

Fruit Ninja Kinect has an addictive game factor, as anyone who has played the game on an iPod or iPhone can attest. But seeing the game on the big screen and combining it with the accuracy from the Kinect really brings the point home.

Will everybody want this title as game of the year, of course not. But when it comes to great a title, suitable for the whole family, this is a game that does not reinvent the wheel, it simply takes advantage of the technology available to stand out. This is ten bucks well spent.

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