Funny Quotes from Our Idiot Brother

“Our Idiot Brother” is a new comedy starring Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, Rashida Jones, Emily Mortimer, Adam Scott and more.

Funny quote: You’re wearing food. This quote comes from a scene in Our Idiot Brother between the very funny Elizabeth Banks and Zooey Deschanel talking to Emily Mortimer about how she seems to have given up on herself.

Miranda: Look, don’t take this the wrong way because Dylan is totally the a–hole in this situation, for sure.
Natalie: He’s a d-bag.
Miranda: I hate his guts but. . . Is it possible that, you know, maybe he thought you gave up?
Liz: Gave up on what?
Miranda: Your. . . You know, this whole. . .
Natalie: You used to so hot Liz. You know, I remember all my friends lusting after you. They thought you were like (awesome).
Miranda: Yes! You had the great boobs and you were always tall and you–
Natalie: You’re still tall.
Liz: What’s wrong with me now?
Miranda: Well, come on Liz, I mean look, I don’t know, what’s going on with your hair here? It’s like a science experiment back there. And I know you own contacts, you know. And you’re wearing plastic shoes and, I mean, what’s this shirt even made of?
Liz: It’s flax.
Miranda: See, isn’t that a food? You’re wearing food!

Funny quote: Who’s the man? This dialogue in Our Idiot Brother takes place between Paul Rudd and Rashida Jones. Rashida Jones is funny as she tries to get Paul Rudd to say he’s the man.

Cindy: That dog is yours and you’re going to go back there and you’re going to get him.
Ned: I don’t think I can ask her again.
Cindy: No. No Ned, we’re not going to ask. We’re going to take.
Ned: We?
Cindy: Yeah. Who’s the man?
Ned: You are!
Cindy: Who’s the man Ned?
Ned: Me.
Cindy: Yes. Say it, who’s the man?
Ned: Who’s the man?
Cindy: Who’s the — No, who’s the — I’m the man.
Ned: You’re the man.
Cindy: You’re the man!!
Ned: I’m the man.
Ned: That’s right.
Cindy: SAY IT! SAY IT!
Ned: I’m the man. I’m the man!

Funny quote: Do you have Tourettes? This is a funny scene in Our Idiot Brother between Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, and Adam Scott. Paul Rudd just keeps making things worse the more he says.

Miranda: Hey Ned, really, you had to go tell Jeremy about that little stupid thing I said about the health insurance? Why are you such a blabber-mouth?
Jeremy: I’m surprised that you even asked my opinion on your work since, what, I’m ‘not even a grownup’? Is that what it was?
Miranda: Ned!
Ned: She didn’t say that at all. What she said was you’re like not a real man.
Miranda: NED!
Jeremy: Oh that’s much better.
Ned: Wait, no —
Jeremy: That’s great, thank you Miranda.
Ned: Oh no, no. . . This is just a breakdown in communication.
Jeremy: Obviously, that’s really nice Miranda.
Miranda: Oh you know what, don’t try to make me feel bad about any of this when according to you I’m, what was it Ned, ‘hideously ugly’.
Jeremy: What?! I didn’t say that. Miranda, I would never say that about you.
Ned: He so didn’t say that about you.
Jeremy: Thank you, please tell her I didn’t say that.
Ned: He said that your personality gets in the way of your looks. Your very good looks.
Jeremy: Dude?! Do you have Tourettes?!

Quotes source: Our Idiot Brother movie written by David Schisgall, Evgenia Peretz.

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