Futility in Virtue

As Voltaire wrote It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong” as there are many public servants that fall to the hammer of the “system” as they are immediately discredited and thrown into a pool of fools, disgruntled employees or public servants, mentally ill or just nut jobs. Either way, the careers of honest men and women are jeopardized for telling the truth in many cases. Many possess a willingness to persist this negative impact and fight hard to resist efforts to silence them. Through the execution of their First Amendment, a person can share their inner knowledge of a corrupted system.

For this purpose, the needs of the mentally ill has become a focus by many individuals realizing that placement in solitary confinement for both short term and long term placements will ultimately result in the prisoner losing his or her stability, warp their sensory perceptions, create real and unreal threats to them with political implications that if they speak out loudly or threaten a lawsuit, management identifies such a prisoner as a “management problem” and will isolate them to silence their voice sentencing them to an indefinite sentence inside a solitary unit where there will be isolation and deprivation tools brought forth by the establishment and ruled to be constitutional by the current courts because they are unable to see the undercurrents of such practices as they really occur to conceal and erase any existence of wrongdoings through nonexistent affirmations of commands and abusive orders.

The basic foundation of our penal system has changed tremendously and the reasons are obvious. Today, social perverseness and political influences run our prisons for misery and profit. The implementation of misery was to discourage return to prison [so it is said] and the profit is self-explanatory. Life inside prisons have been marginalized and discounted as expandable by many. The protection of civil rights have diminished as the justice system ignores high deaths inside prisons as well as multiple “color of law” violations by individuals who belief they are enforcing society’s will upon the prisoners. Thus the prisoner is punished on top of punishment while incarcerated under the most stressful conditions humanly impossible to survive and remain sane.

No state is immune to this ideology for it exists everywhere. Califorina, Arizona, Texas and many others suffer from this syndrome of abuse. In addition there is another powerful influence out there that is winning on many political and campaign fronts. It is the hypocrisy in our leader’s voice who speaks with two voices, two moralities and two motives. I don’t need to explain this concept as many already accept it to be so and happening. It was the hypocrisy of past and present men and women that developed the circumstances we are experiences today in our society, our government and prisons.

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