Gas Saving Strategies

In these harsh economic times, with gas prices continuing to hold at ridiculously high rates, it pays to try to conserve gas as much as possible. This can mean making subtle lifestyle changes to conserve fuel consumption.

With a little thoughtful planning, you can still maintain a relatively normal routine, while still saving on gas costs. While certain driving routines cannot be eliminated entirely, such as commuting to and from work or school, there may still be ways to save. Consider carpooling with a group of friends or co-workers, and splitting gas costs between everyone. The same goes for school transportation if your child does not take the bus. Consider joining or creating a carpool with other moms.

Plan your regular errands and shopping trips by setting aside a designated day and route, if possible. Try to eliminate unnecessary trips by planning ahead. Then, try finding the most efficient route to get where you need to go, and plan each stop accordingly.For example, for those trips farthest from your home, plan everything on that side of town for the same day to eliminate multiple trips. For your closer trips, try to plan in such a fashion as to make the trip as efficient as possible, with little or no backtracking. Those in town driving trips really eat away on gas mileage, so limit them if possible.

In nice weather, perhaps choose to walk or bicycle to nearby locations you need to visit. Not only does this save on gas, but you’ll benefit from the extra exercise as well.These little strategies will all add up over time, and you should find your gas tank staying fuller, longer. This benefits not only your financial situation, but the environment as well.

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