Getting Reliable Car Repair Cost Estimates

Once you have been involved in a collision, you already know that you have to get your car fixed; the first step towards these repairs is to get the best collision repair estimates possible. There are very many factors that will dictate the estimates that you get but one of the most decisive factors will be the insurance policy that you have. Here are some tips that will help you get some reliable collision repair estimates.

The best place to begin is by asking your insurance company’s experts to give you the estimates. Most insurance companies will have their own experts but if they do not, then they will have a list of repair shops that they have approved that can do it for you. It is true that it is possible to get cheaper estimates without asking your insurance company but you will be on the safer side if you confer with them and see what they require.

Once your insurance company has provided you with the list of their approved shops then it is up to you to contact them and get them to give you their estimates. From there you will gauge each and every one of them and then choose which of the estimates is the most appropriate or which shop would be most convenient for you to go to.

Once you have pin pointed the repair shop then you will need them to outline exactly what they can do for you that will be covered by your insurance policy. Not all companies are willing to pay for all services so you have to ask the shop what repairs they have to do that your policy will not cover. For instance the policy may not pay for something like wheeling alignment. When they have given you this list then tell them to make sure that they do not include these repairs on your receipt.

Talk with the repair shop and ask them about any other costs that may pop up when the vehicle is being inspected. Tell them to add these on your bill because it will be much harder for you to ask the insurance company for more money later.

Once you have your final estimate it is time to go back to your insurance company and have it approved. Do not let the repair shop begin until you have got the approval from your company.

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