Gisele Bundchen’s New Lingerie Ad Draws Criticism from Brazilian Government

Her career has been marked by overwhelming success, but Gisele Bundchen may have hit a speed bump with her new commercial for Hope lingerie.

The Brazilian bombshell appears in the television ad campaign in her bra and underwear, seemingly trying to talk her way out of crashing her hubby’s car, maxing out his credit cards, and inviting her mom to stay with them.

With a confident smile and smoking hot body, Gisele tells women, simply, “You’re a Brazilian woman- use your charm.” But officials have condemned the campaign as sexist, and are even demanding it be yanked from airwaves.

One government spokesperson explained, “The campaign promotes the misguided stereotype of a woman as a sexual object of her husband and ignores the major advances we have achieved in deconstructing sexist practices and thinking.”

“The model, Gisele Bündchen, encourages Brazilian women to use their ‘charm’ … to lessen possible reactions from their partners. Even worse, the ad even infringes upon two articles of the Brazilian constitution with ‘discriminatory content against women.’”

Officials also claim that they have received six viewer complaints since the ads began airing on September 20. Hope lingerie, however, insists that it “never intended to come across as sexist.”

Following the backlash from the Brazilian government, company President Sandra Chayo issued the following statement:

“Gisele can testify that all of the situations shown in the campaign are jokes about daily life … in no way should they be taken as being depreciative of the feminine figure. It would be absurd for us, who make a living off the preferences of women, to do anything to devalue our main consumer.”

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