Guide to Buy a Phone on MetroPCS

Being a Harlem resident over the last couple of years I have seen lot of new metroPCS stores come up in my neighborhood. Finally last month a new metroPCS location opened up right next to my door. I had heard a lot about them especially in those funny commercials on TV. So I decided to stop in a metroPCS location nearby. The store was painted all violet with bright lighting and there was a friendly sales representative behind the counter. He asked me about what service I was currently on and how much was I paying? After listening to my answer he quickly replied “Sir, you are paying $50 more every month for the same service we offer!” I was surprised and then he explained that they have a $50 unlimited talk, text and web plan for android smart phones and the phones start at just $39 after rebates.

Basic Phones:

They have family plans starting at $35 a month and individual plans starting at $40 a month. Kyocera Presto is their basic handset starting at just $9 (after $20 MIR.) This is a cute phone with easy to see number pad and also has a camera function. This phone is ideal for users who just need a phone to talk. Next on the line up is Huawei Pinnacle an entry level qwerty keyboard phone also for $9 (after $30 MIR.) This phone features a microSD card slot and also features a mp3 player in addition to a camera. Another texting phone with similar features is Samsung Freeform III which is priced at a competitive $19 (after $30 MIR.) The Freeform III has been one of their best sellers adds the sales representative. MetroPCS also has a traditional slider QWERTY keyboard phone with similar features called Samsung Messager III which is priced at $69.

If you need a touch screen phone, metroPCS has a big line up starting with Huawei M735. It is priced at $34 (after $25 MIR) and can be called a touchscreen version of Pinnacle or Freeform III. I would not recommend this phone as it one of those phones which supports a stylus for accuracy on the screen. Real touch screen phone starts with LG Beacon. This is a cute little phone with a slide out keyboard, a mp3 player and 1.3 Mp camera. I would prefer this phone over Messager III because of the touchscreen and a better pricing.

For: Low pricing, ease of use.
Against: No real web browsing, no video recording function.

Smart Phones:

MetroPCS has a decent collection of android smart phones with access to android app market. Their android smart phone plan is priced at $50 a month. These smart phones start with Huawei M835 at just $39 (after $40 MIR.) This is their entry level smart phone which runs on android froyo platform. Also on froyo is LG OptimusM priced at $99, and has a bigger screen than M835. Then there is Samsung Admire which has a decent processor and runs on gingerbread platform. Good thing about this phone a whooping $50 mail in rebate. They also have a Blackberry curve with a trackpad and a QWERTY keyboard. Blackberry phone runs on a $60 blackberry plan and includes access to blackberry messenger.

For: Low pricing, real web browsing, excellent for use in metroPCS home areas, WIFI capable.
Against: Data speeds (2G speeds), limited data coverage on roaming.

4G LTE Smart Phones:

For data phone lovers metroPCS has LG Esteem which is also their top of the line phone. It features a front facing camera for video chat, and a 1Ghz snapdragon processor which helps this phone to deliver a lightning fast performance. This phone has a 5mp camera with 720p HD video capablity. At $249 (after $100 MIR) this is not a phone to miss. Another powerful phone is Samsung Galaxy Indulge with a slider QWERTY keyboard. This phone runs on froyo platform and is being offered at $199 (after $100 MIR.) Samsung Craft is metroPCS’s first 4G smartphone. Its currently been priced at $299 and looks like it is going to be phased out in the coming months.

For: 4G LTE data browsing speeds, low phone pricing in 4G segment, Plans starting at $40.
Against: Very limited 4G coverage, since the phone runs on 4G speeds only (no 3G alternative) battery gets drained faster while web browsing.

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