Giving Up the Job Search? Stay in the Game!

Many Americans are out of work, and getting discouraged to the point that they have given up the search completely. It’s heartbreaking to know that for the first time, in a long time, some of the people in our communities that woke up happy everyday with a smile on their face, ready for another day at work, now sit at home feeling left out, many of them depressed, and others in complete agony, left with the thoughts of wondering what the future holds for them and their children.

These are some powerful words that i have just mentioned, and lots of them within a single paragraph to describe the jobless issue. Think about it,” out of work, discouraged, given up, heartbreaking, used to wake up happy, feeling left out, depressed, agony, and what does the future hold” all of these words are accurate in describing how many people without a job are feeling.

Here is some ways to end those feelings, and not only get back in the game, but to win it! You can start right now, the first step is to promise yourself that you are going to take action. You must make a commitment to yourself because when you have been through the ringer, it’s really difficult to get motivated, let alone take on a new venture and succeed.

Some of these ideas will work for you, while others will not. There is something for everyone though, and now that you have promised yourself to make a move, lets get right into it.

1. Try your skills selling on eBay:
Most people have access to a computer and this is one way to generate income for those that do. We all have stuff laying around the house that is in the way, or we can live without. Weather it’s clothing, shoes, nick knacks, jewelry, toys, or junk from the garage, you can turn this stuff into cash. Not only can you turn some stuff around the house into cash, but you can also take half of your profit and start shopping at thrift stores where you will find more stuff to sell and with a little practice, you can generate an income that you are in control of.

Be creative, if you don’t have many things lying around the house to get you started you can get together with a neighbor or friend that has a few things you can sell to share the profits. Some of us may not be that skilled on the computer finding it difficult to start selling online, to help those in that category apply the same technique, get together with a friend, a neighbor, or a family member. Perhaps you have a teen in the family or community that would be willing to help you learn the online navigation game. The thought of selling on eBay may intimidate you but rest assured there is tons of on site help and tutorials for your concerns.

A teen you say? That’s right, a teen, I have three daughters with ages ranging between 14 and 19, and I can tell you first hand, they know technology, and know it well! Don’t be afraid to ask a teen for guidance, after all it’s a great way for them to showcase their abilities, and they actually are very proud, and eager to show off their skills. There are other benefits to working with a friend, or a teen in the family. After suffering through a job loss, it’s uplifting just to have someone to talk to and work together with again as you did before in the workforce before you left. Just keep in mind, these teens are tough negotiators when it’s time to discuss their cut!

Weather you have no income, or want to supplement your income, this is just one way to accomplish it. I have personally researched this method, and can say without a doubt, it does work! One example of the profits, an old vintage necklace that I got at a thrift store; for a dollar, I then sold for forty dollars. Things that i have found that will sell well and for huge profit are jewelry of all kinds, and clothing, both adult and children’s. The key to success is simple, keep the promise you made to yourself!

While our dependence on government help and benefits increases, the foundation of our economy is shrinking, Our economy and the American dream was built by the people, and the great ideas and individuality of the people. Even things like selling on eBay or another similar site, you are earning money, taking control of your situation, contributing to the stimulation of the economy while you are also profiting from it, and most importantly, you are opening the door to the American dream again. This is a win win situation. The best part of this is that as I have mentioned, I myself have tried this method of generating income, and I am able to tell you from first hand experience that it works.

2.Get back out into the community:
Now that you are getting motivated again, get yourself out and kick those feelings of hopelessness where the sun don’t shine! Find a local business to volunteer at part time. Why, you ask? This is a great way to give, and get back, at the same time. The economy is tough for you right? It’s also tough on local businesses. Most businesses can’t afford to hire right now, but desperately need help. By volunteering, these employers will get to know you and will most likely remember you when times are better. Try to find a small second hand store, if you volunteer at a shoppe like this, you will often be the first to spot great items you can get a great deal on (maybe even a steep discount) because your helping out around the store. This is one way to find great things to sell online, as well as break up the day helping you to relieve some of the stress you are dealing with at the same time.

Many people think thrift stores do not have good items that people actually would want, and I used to be one of them. However, this is not true, even the upper class like to shop at these shoppes, after all most of the upper class knows how to spot a deal, and who better to watch when trying to make money than those that are good at it?

I learned about these methods, and shoppes from watching my mother. After giving up her state job as a social worker in child protective services because of the endless heartache in watching some children and their families living in turmoil, She took a job at a homeless shelter for pregnant women with a workforce program where the girls work in an attached thrift store to gain workplace training in exchange for a small stipend, as well as room and board. Eventually, she became heavily involved in the cause and started volunteering at other thrift stores.

This is what educated me on these organizations and changed my opinion of the things they sell. Although I would like to have all of the answers to help you make money, I don’t, these are a couple of proven ideas to get you started. I am passionate about helping people in need, and will continue researching ways to make money, and sharing that knowledge with you as fast as I can. In the mean time, I wish you luck, and great success in your ventures!

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