Global Warming: Too Many Studies, Too Little Action

COMMENTARY | Why are we still throwing money at global warming studies? The global warming crisis has come to a point where it can no longer be denied. Isn’t it obvious we need to concentrate on active solutions? The debate on the seriousness of global warming has been going on since I was a teenager in the seventies. Why are we still denying and trying to disprove the validity of the theory?

Today I saw three headlines related to Global Warming. They prompted me to ask, “Why are we not in crisis mode yet? What does it take to impress the urgency of this situation onto our brains? When will we stop hunting down evidence that contradicts the theory of global warming?” When will we say to ourselves, “I think we have a problem here. Perhaps some action is required.

One headline read, “Global Warming: Deep Oceans Could Delay Effects for Decade-Long Periods.” I had no problem with the article itself. It explained that the deep oceans are absorbing some of the heat of Global Warming, thus putting it on vacation for several years at a stretch. I agree that’s a very good thing. Now we have more time to take action, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not what will happen. What will happen, if history is any indication? People will use this as an excuse to say Global Warming is not as serious a threat as we had previously thought. They may even use it as another argument to disprove the theory of Global Warming. Why? Human beings have a tendency to slip into denial, rather than face that which frightens them.

The next headline read, “A greener Greenland? Times Atlas “error” overstates global warming”. Oh boy, here we go again. More fuel for those who deny the existence of Global Warming. Once again, I have no problem with the article. The problem is, some people might think this development infers a problem with the entire theory. Who can blame them? Even I have to admit it’s a comforting thought.

What got us into this mess in the first place? We simply haven’t the same struggles as our ancestors. In fact, we’re literally killing ourselves to retain our comfort zone. That’s the whole problem when it comes to Global Warming isn’t it? Nobody is willing to give up one bit of creature comfort so future generations can merely survive.

The last headline I read was perhaps the most disconcerting of all. “Study Claims Global Warming is “Beneficial” to Human Health” Again, I have no problem with the article. In this case, I do have a bit of trouble swallowing the report itself. Among other things, it cites warmer winters, therefore less deaths from extreme temperatures and longer growing seasons as positive side effect of Global Warming.

That may be true at first glance. There’s just one little tiny problem. How enjoyable will our lives be when we’re dodging the severe weather brought on by Global Warming? Once the polar icecaps melt, won’t we all be resting in underwater graves? Where will we be growing these crops and enjoying said warmer weather? Atlantis?

We all know extreme measures are in order. We know the cause of global warming. We know it’s a serious threat to our existence. We know what we have to do (or not do) in order to slow it’s momentum. We need to get to it. No more studies. No more talk. Let’s just get this done already. We don’t need band-aid solutions, we need commitment to changes that just might hurt a little. We need to give up on the idea that small changes add up. We need big changes. We need them now.

Forget about flex-fuel and drilling for oil in our own country. In fact, let’s forget about conventional energy sources altogether. Why aren’t we completely abandoning the practices that brought on Global Warming? Are we really that wrapped up in political agendas? Will we sit in our ivory towers until they are washed away or will we learn to make some sacrifices?

Today’s headlines disturbed me, but it wasn’t about the articles. It was about the complacency, purposeful ignorance and selfishness of our society in general. What will we tell the children? What is our excuse for handing them this horrendous mess? Is our comfort zone worth trading their lives for? This isn’t a game. It’s not a political strategy. This is the real thing. Let’s stop the research and concentrate on the solution.

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