God’s Dream Catchers

Life can be somewhat of a rollercoaster. You never know what is around the corner or what trials and tribulations you will face in the upcoming week, month or years to come. One thing for certain is, there will be obstacles and roadblocks along your path to reach your destinations.

Children who have grown into adults have been told at one time or another, that dreams are meant to be lived out in their sleep, while you are out here “You need to get a job”. In most cases this is correct, but for those who have a natural God given talent and just have not been discovered, what are they to do?

Giving up is the easiest solution instead of forcing someone to see your vision, correct? You could never be more wrong if that is your way of thinking. God gives everyone special talents that He wants you to use to help others and to build His kingdom up. Dreams are merely thoughts that are an end result of hard work and dedication. Even though He has given you these great abilities, it does not mean the road will be easy.

When God gives you a vision, you must understand that you must grow into the dream. It takes many grueling years of sacrifice, disappointments and time to become an overnight success. The road less travelled, carrying a suitcase of faith filled with persistence, and a go getter attitude is enough to keep you fed on your journey to become successful.

A mistake commonly made by people who look at your journey is, they expect your blessings to happen on THEIR time. Which may sound odd, but is true? Many do not understand Gods timing of situations therefor they become frustrated and angry with you for following your dreams. Examples of this are always seen, most commonly with the entertainment industry than anything. People have slept in their cars, been homeless and even down to their last dollar only to have the break of a lifetime fall in their lap. What must be remembered is that it didn’t fall into their hands by luck; God always rewards His faithful children. You may look like a fool to everyone else, but to Him you look obedient and He will not allow others to belittle you when you’re working for His kingdom and rewarding the glory not to yourself, but Him.

I have written this to inspire the uninspired, motivate the unmotivated, and give hope to those who feel hopeless and helpless. You are not alone and plenty understand your position. So I say to you now, go after your dreams, put your talents to work, listen to no one and achieve the impossible. God has your back, and if you take a moment and look back in your life you will see He always has. Be blessed!

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