Got Film Lovers on Your Gift List? Need Ideas? This Is Your Guide

It seems that everyone knows at least one movie-going or movie-loving fanatic. A gift for such a person may make you think “buy them a DVD,” however, how unoriginal. Not to mention, if the person really loves a certain movie, they will probably buy the DVD themselves. Want to wrap something different this year? Something that doesn’t come in a particularly thin rectangular box? Keep reading for thrifty and extravagant ideas.

1. For a really inexpensive idea that will be sure to be a big hit, give them Netflix. Netflix has many plans and you can choose how long your gift will last. For instance, maybe you’d like to opt to purchase the plan for unlimited online viewing plus two DVDs out at a time, but only for 3 months. Or you could opt to buy them a year for just unlimited online viewing. Do they already have Netflix? Opt to upgrade their plan! This is also quick and easy enough to swing on Christmas Eve at midnight.

2. Don’t want to go the way of Netflix but still need a last minute idea? Do they love the movie theater? Go to and get them a gift certificate. You, of course, can choose the amount of the gift. You don’t even have to wrap the gift, you can email it to them!

3. Do you have a deep wallet? Want to really wow them? Each January in Utah is the Sundance Film Festival. This is the ultimate gift. You can buy passes for a series of certain days during the festival, or just individual tickets. This is a really thoughtful gift and you’ll probably want to accompany the recipient. This would be a great one for your significant other — or someone you want to win the heart of. For more information, go to

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