Governvor Huntsman Needs to Step Up His Game and Stop Acting so Gay!

Governor Huntsman has a lot going for him. Among the Republican candidates for the Presidential bid for 2012, he seems like the more moderate and sensible candidate when it comes to social issues with executive experience. From Ambassador to China to US Trade Representative, he has worked under four presidential administrations (both republican and democrat) working domestically and internationally. With all the education and experience in the world, I just can’t fathom in this day and age where we have a President that from his vibe alone appears to be weak and fragile. This game is still on and Governor Huntsman has the ability to compete with audacious and bold movers and shakers such as Congresswoman Bachmann, Speaker Gingrich, Governor Perry and Governor Romney.

Appearances are everything and Governor Huntsman should have a lot to say as a state, federal, and international player but he is currently being overshadowed by the four dominate characters. If he wants to remain in the game and make a dent in name recognition, he needs to STOP being so damn “GAY” and say or do something controversial that will make you relevant. Because right now, it seems you are just falling behind some contenders with not so attractive and extreme platforms. What do you have to lose?

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