Had to Move

I finally moved from that place;
got me a fine protective space.
No more gunshots at two in the morning;
those street thugs now, just a farthing.

I advised the Mayor and Council;
they considered it a downright hassle.
If ya want to attract good business,
you’ve gotta get rid of the badness.

The politicians can’t balance the budget;
could it be they ignore good tenets?
If you rob Peter to pay Paul,
you’ll always need to overhaul.

Prosperity doesn’t come from a sea of din;
that’s why the economy is in a tailspin.
That Wall Street bell does make some noise;
doubtful it’ll ever be a counterpoise.

Just had to move from that neighborhood;
it was just too saturated with wormwood.
When we all fight against falsehood,
City Hall and neighborhood become greenwood.

We all must follow a better paradigm;
it’s all in the Decalogue of all time.
It’s not cumbersome, it’s rather beneficial;
let’s all get rid of the superficial.

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