Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween is coming sooner rather than later. Ghillie suits are always popular as the basis for scary costumes. Some folks use them just as they come because they are great for hiding, and others get creative and come up with really unique costumes.
Your options with the ghillie concept are numerous. You can use a ghillie suit or poncho, a ghillie blanket, or if you have something larger, or a group to conceal, then go for a ghillie blind. The “Ghost” ghillie suit enjoys a lot of popularity this time of year for obvious reasons.

It is interesting to see how much more innovative the youngsters are than the adults. Once an adult has his ghillie on, he doesn’t put much more thought into it. The young’uns have a far more complex idea from the get go and continue to work on it throughout whatever the event is.

Trick or treat is going, or has already gone, the way of sandlot baseball. It has been replaced with organized events. You still see a few parents dragging their toddlers from door to door in search of the dentists best friend, but the real action takes place in the malls, civic centers, churches, and private homes. That’s a good thing since the world has become a much more dangerous place over the years. Now that I think of it, kids were not turned loose when I was a kid either and that was a lonnng time ago.

I would like to see the adults get a little more creative with their costumes. Towards that end, I am going to offer your choice of $25 Visa gift card or a FREE “custom tracker kit” to the most unique Halloween costume this year. Send in your photo to [email protected] This contest is open to anyone and everyone. Winners of the contest are to be decided by the owners of GhilliesandStuff.com. That would be my wife and myself. The only requirement is that the costume MUST incorporate some form of ghillie material in the construction. I will be announcing this contest on “facebook” and “twitter” as well as on the website.

Many of your local activities will include contests so you have a chance of winning in more than just our contest. Keep in mind that many of the churches and civic centers will not allow really gory costumes and may have other restrictions. Our only restriction is that the costume must utilize some form of ghillie camouflage.

If we get a lot of interest this year, we will offer a bigger prize next year and maybe more than just one. We are also open to your suggestions.

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