Halloween Severed Heads Centerpiece

When you shop online, or at a huge party store, you can often get a serious shock when you see the prices of some of their decorations. When it comes to the Halloween holiday, you can make substantial pieces yourself, without having to go shopping for overly-priced decorations. If you’re setting up a formal dinner, or just a food table where guests can help themselves, you’ll make an eerie impact when you create a severed heads centerpiece. You won’t have to purchase costly supplies to make it, either.

Use a piece cut from a pair of pantyhose or use a knee-hi stocking instead. Stuff it with quilt batting so that you create the shape of a small head. Tie off the pantyhose, or wrap a rubber band around it, and cut off any excess pantyhose. Now use things you already have to create features for the head. For example, cut eyes from a character in a magazine to make eyes for the spooky head. Or, print eyes from an internet template. Glue or tape the eyes in place. Make sure the tied off area of the hosiery is the top of the head.

Pinch together the pantyhose, in the front, at the nose area. With a needle and thread, take a few stitches, and create a nose. Do something similar to make a strange-looking mouth for the head.

When the face is finished, decide how to cover the head. One way is to just stretch a knit cap over it. Another is to attach doll hair. Other things you can use to cover the top of the head include yarn, roping, a mass of jumbled thread, or even balls of cotton.

Make a centerpiece by using a large, clear vase or other clear container. Create more than one head and make each one look slightly different. Stack one or two of the heads in the container and it makes a ghastly centerpiece. Create a much smaller version to make a shrunken head arrangement instead.

The severed heads centerpiece is just perfect for decorating a table for a Halloween celebration. You can give it additional accents by painting the bottom of the heads with red “blood” or by attaching spiders or flies to the faces of the heads. Set the arrangement on a table, mantle, counter top, or elsewhere around the house. They’re frightening, easy to make, and can be used for many years.
Severed Head Centerpiece

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