How the Gringrich Stole Christmas

How the Gringrich stole Christmas

But will he be able to steal the election???

America loves to forget big mistakes by name politicians. Here we have ‘The Newt’ leading the pack during this holiday season and preparing to go into the big swing to get the colossal butt sitter out of the chair at 1600 and take over. Newt, forced out of politics due to ethics violations and unfaithfulness. He laid low for a while working as a consultant and speaker and sizing up his 1% status very nicely.

Big mistakes-Clinton frolicked in the Oval office and as it was being announced most people were forgetting and forgiving and writing this off as ‘boys will be boys’ or just a hormonal unbalance. I haven’t been to the Clinton Library but if I ever drop by my objective will be to find the area where the past issues of Playboy are shelved (I missed a few when I was a kid). Nixon-most everybody said he should have burned the tapes, Jimmy Carter and his economic disasters and even worse foreign events failures. All forgiven!

And there were some who were not forgiven, Gary Hart and Monkey Business, John Edwards abandoning his wife at a terrible time in her illness, others I won’t add to keep from dragging this out because this is about NEWT.

I have spent some time trying to see what this Republican is offering that is not strict party line politics and unfortunately there is not much. He highlights some of his mental outbursts on his web site,

Newt’s site, just like all the rest, begins the tour of his candidacy with an ePanhandling plea and when you get past this you get to a page where Newt lists a few things he believes in and politically promises to put into play when he is in the chair.

This is my site so now come’s my opinions on his offers. In keeping with the rules of admitting plagiarism I have copied some exact words from the above listed site.

This one I love most and one I have been preaching for eons. “America only works when Americans are working.” When you dig into this he is really defending a policy he is dear to as he first points out to create jobs it will be necessary to ‘stop the planned 2013 tax increases’ that will affect the 1%. Nice try Newt! A country mired in debt, planning to spend money not yet printed and you want to block tax increases in areas where taxes are needed and could be fair as compared to the shrinking middle class.

Newt goes on to say, ‘Responsible energy exploration and development’, meaning more of the same with the same oil corporations as high level partners to keep high level prices in place. When you cleverly regulate the supply you can innocently regulate the price and margin. In his policy he wants to ‘remove the obstacles’ or in other words who cares if anything will be living in the Gulf in twenty years. Nothing new here Newt!

Newt wants to ‘Strengthen the dollar’ and explains he would return to Reaganomics to do so. Sorry Newt, he was the ‘great communicator’ and you have a terrible case of stuttering when it comes to ‘staying the course’. It only works when you do it as Ron did it, meaning it only works when you commit to doing it to the end of the voyage and you have proven you follow the wind.

Newt wants an ‘optional 15% flat tax’ and allow the people to choose which plan they would pay under and thus causing an overall lowering of taxes for ‘most’ people. Hmmm? 1%’ers go from 33% to 15%! Way to promote the party politics Newt. Slick! There can be nothing gained by making tax plans optional! The tax structure must be designed to fill the needs and not the pockets.

Newt wants to repeal OBAMACARE even though most of it doesn’t kick in until 2014. I agree with you on this one Newt. OBAMACARE is a heavy chain attached to an anchor. You want a ‘pro jobs-pro responsibility’ plan putting doctors in charge. I tried to find some meat to your bullet item but there is none on your site so here we go with a bunch of buzz words. Newt, do this and try mouthing the words; ‘Universal Health Care for All Americans’!

Newt wants to ‘make the United States the most desirable location for new business investment’. Well Newt, it will have to be ‘new’ business investment because when you were in power in the House you and your buddies gave away most of the ‘old’ mainstay businesses! But now your plan is to cut taxes to create incentives to create new businesses.

Newt promises to ‘balance the budget’. This is a given. There has never been a candidate for this office who has said they will overspend the system to bankruptcy. But here we are!!!! Newt, in just about everyone of your party policy promises you are cutting taxes. How in the hell do you plan to grow the economy, spend more and balance the budget while at the same time cut taxes? Are you going to do what you guys have been doing for too long and continue to borrow enough money to get us out of debt? Newt, even Reagan realized he had to finally raise taxes to balance the budget because you guys cannot responsibly reform your spending habits and what you spend it on to a point where you can lead us within the means.

Newt, I am sorry to inform you that you got nothing here. What you are saying equates with getting a Christmas stocking with a lump of coal in it!

Newt if you would like some fresh ideas how about trying these:

Declare war on oil dependence and create a new national industry with the potential of millions of ‘American Jobs’ using what nature gives us every day to create energy and do so as a ‘WAR FOOTING’ effort.

Reform the health care system and make universal care a reality and universal charges a product of this industry. Partner with the health industry putting great effort into prevention to avoid the costs.

Bring our kids home from the oil wars and secure our borders.

Raise taxes in those areas where they should be raised. Stop cutting them in those areas where the nation is not benefited by doing so.

Read my December 7, 2011 ( 2011 archives) opinion on how to deal with Iran.

This could be a good start Newt. But Newt, these are my ideas and you can’t use them if you don’t mean them!?

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