How to Be a Flea Market Vendor?

There is alot that has to be done in order to do flea market vending. You will need to know where you can apply for individual taxpayer identification number. You apply at the internal revenue services which is called irs. There website is or this is where to apply for your sole proprietor as a flea market vendor. Once you get your tax id you can setup at different places to do your flea market vending. Then over time you will have to pay the percentage of tax where ever you setup to the irs. In the beginning you start out by paying every 3 months. Once your year is up you can request to pay yearly. You will need to keep track of what was bought from wholesale cost and what was spent to buyers. You need to keep this for 7 years in cases the irs wants to do an audit on your taxes and information about what you paid out in wholesales and what buyer cost were and what the items were. This is very important to know all this. It keeping proof of everything you do. To keep your self safe as a sole proprietor as flea market vendor. Here is the application to file your flea market taxes and information. The information tells how to fill out the taxes from your flea market, . Here is the form to use to file or you can file it on online, (forms). To pay for your taxes to irs you will want to use this form,,id=118986,00.html use the free e file form.

Next thing you will want to do is if you have internet access. You will want to find what you are interested in selling to the customers at a flea market. You want to sell something that none of the other flea market has that is unique and different. You will need to do research on wholesales. For an example say you want to sell figurines. You type in figurines in google search. There will be alot of companies showning wholesale prices for figurines. It will show what types of figurines that you might want to buy for wholesale price. Then you order them thru the company that you are interested in doing business with it. Once you get the figurines you will want to put on your price to sell to the customers at the flea market. Let’s say you buy a figurine that cost you $4.00 that wholesale cost. Your price will be $8.00. That covers your wholesale price plus make profit of $4.00. That is how you wholesale and retail your items at flea market.

Then you will need to find places to setup for flea markets. There are so many places you can setup all over everywhere. You can find some flea market setup in newspapers and pennysavers. Also there is a website that has listings of where you can setup which here is the website for it. You will want to click on the state where you live to get the listing of places where you can setup at. Website is this is very useful resource for places to setup. I used this alot when i was in flea market vending. Here is another site that can be helpful as well for listings and information that can help you in your goals as a flea market vendor.

You can also search alot of information in flea market vending and information for wholesales on whatever your interested in selling.

I wish you luck in your flea market vendor goal. You will enjoy it as you will meet other flea market vendors. Just remember to keep track of everything you have and what you do.

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