How to Cheat in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PC)

Stuck on a boss? Want some extra gold? Or perhaps you want to change your character’s gender. You can do this and more without any special add-ons on the PC version of TESV: Skyrim by pressing the tilde (~) key on the upper-left corner of your keyboard. After doing so you will need to type a command to perform a specific task as shown here.

Miscellaneous Cheats
help – Displays a list of cheat menu options. But of course, you can read this guide to find the most delicious ones.
tgm – God Mode. You can’t die or run out of mana.
tcl – No-clip. This allows you to run through the Y, X and Z axis of the game and get to those hard to reach places.
sexchange – Change your character’s gender.
set timescale to # – Where 30 is default and 1 real-time, you can change the number to increase or decrease the time running in-game. Very helpful in situations where you’re a vampire.
kill – Click the appropriate NPC (non-player character) and type in this command to kill them instantly.
killall – Type this to kill all NPCs in the room.
resurrect – Click the appropriate NPC and type in this command to revive them.
removeallitems – Target a character and type this to take all their stuff (yes, even clothes!).
unlock – Unlock the highlighted door without using a key.
tm – Turn on or off the user interface elements.

Character Cheats
player.advlevel – Level up instantly!
player.additem 0000000f # – Add gold to your character where the # is how much you want.
player.additem ITEM # – Add an item to your stash where ITEM is the item and # is how many you want. Use this guide to determine which item you’d like to add.
player.setcrimegold # – Set your crime level high or low. A 0 indicates you are not wanted at all.
player.setav speedmult # – Set your character’s speed higher or lower. 100 is default.
player.modav carryweight # – Change this number to increase the amount of weight you can carry.

Of course there are many, many more cheat codes to use the game so I urge you to check out the help command, get an old-fashioned piece of paper and a pen and write your favorites down and keep it right next to you.

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