How to Create Faux Dormers in a Bedroom

A dormer is a stylish architectural element of a home, but unless a wall is bumped out or cathedral ceilings extend to the attic, they are not usually a component of a single story home. However, it is possible to achieve the same look in a bedroom on any level and without changing the structure of the house. You can create faux dormers in a bedroom with a few simple additions. Use my ideas for comfy window seating and added storage space. Absolutely anyone can create faux dormers with bench seats and floor-to-ceiling cabinetry.

Begin with Bench Seating to Create Faux Dormers

My two-story Cape Cod home in Albion Indiana had two large dormers. The single dormer in my daughter’s bedroom was embellished by a bench seat with a comfy floral cushion. My daughter spent countless hours reading books in her personal niche, and she had a beautiful view of the countryside. It was the ideal space for reading and relaxing.

My daughter missed her comfortable bedroom window seat after we moved across the state, and I decided to find a way to create faux dormers for her bedroom without spending a lot of money or changing the structure of the home. I came up with something creative and practical. I had my dad build two more bench seats. They extended just beyond the width of the two bedroom windows.

I bought matching cushions to fit the benches, but I had to find a way to give the seating a built-in appearance. I painted the benches to match the walls, but the benches alone were not enough to create faux dormers. I came up with plans to create bedroom alcoves with storage.

Create Faux Interior Dormers with Cabinetry

I began shopping for storage cabinets to complete my faux dormers, and I found two sets that were close to what I wanted. However, they were not quite tall enough to reach the ceiling and would not appear built-in. I had my dad build extensions. I painted the wood the same color as the benches, and they looked like a one-piece bedroom furnishing.

After everything was installed, the bedroom window seats with storage had a lovely built-in appearance. The faux dormers were very convincing from indoors. They provided the look and feel of Cape Cod window alcoves. Best of all, the cabinets and benches provided a place for my daughter to store clothing, books, treasured possessions and more.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Decorating and Design Experience

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