How to Decorate a Garden Shed

Why Decorate Your Garden Shed?

The garden shed is a utilitarian little outbuilding. It might be old or new, steel or wood or stone. It’s often neglected when it comes to decorating – landscaping and decorating the house itself usually comes first. However, there comes a time when you want to make the garden shed an attractive oasis from the hustle and bustle of daily life, just as you’ve made your garden.

Decide on a Theme for Your Project

How do you want your garden shed to feel? Pick a style or emotion that you want your shed to evoke, and work towards that. Some ideas:

English cottage Eclectic Log cabin Modern/outsider art Red schoolhouse Japanese tea house Nautical/lighthouse An expression of your favorite non-gardening hobby, such as music or cycling

Once you’ve decided upon a look and feel for your garden shed, start decorating it with items that evoke that feeling. It can be as simple as clapboard, red paint, and a cupola for a red schoolhouse, or as complex as facing the shed with stone for an English cottage feel. By settling on a theme it is easy to create a plan for design and then implement it.

Add Little Touches

Complete the garden shed makeover with small touches. On the walls and roof, you could:

Lean a trellis against one wall and plant vines (this could also help complete the English cottage look) Hang a wreath on the shed door Hang old garden tools on the walls Install a weather vane

Are there windows on your garden shed? Decorate them with shutters, in whatever style matches your theme. From the eaves of the shed, decorate with different hanging items, such as bunches of dried flowers, or hang tinkl ing wind chimes . The entry a nd walkway near your garden shed are important to include in your decorating scheme as well. Here are some ideas for decorating the garden shed’s “yard”:

Add a bird feeder / birdhouses Use vintage milk cans as planters Use old or chipped enamelware as planters Put a bench and old wooden rocking chair in the space in front of the shed Mark the space in front of the shed as a porch/patio simply with a stone or flower border, or pave it entirely with decorative paving stones

Just Jump in and Decorate!

If you’re looking for ideas to renovate your garden shed, decorate using some of these tips. This is just a jumping-off point, a laundry list of ideas to get your own creative process going. What do these suggestions inspire you to do? Remember you don’t have to do everything at once. If on a budget, do some smaller, low or no cost decorating. Whatever you plan to do, get out to your garden shed and decorate!

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