How to Decoupage Furniture with Fabric

You can take a beloved piece of furniture and give it a new life by following these step by step instructions.

You will need:

Decoupage material for fabric (Mod Podge works well) Scissors Furniture Sand paper primer

Let’s begin:
Prepare your furniture by sanding it until it is smooth to the touch. Measure the area of the furniture to be decoupaged and cut fabric accordingly. Paint your furniture with primer and allow to dry. Once dry brush one layer of decoupage material directly on the furniture. Gently lay the cut fabric on the decoupaged area. Smooth the fabric out to ensure it covers the entire area. Brush a layer of decoupage material directly on top of fabric, allow to dry 20 minutes and repeat three times. Use a medium -grain sandpaper and sand down any brush strokes or bubbles that might have occurred. Apply two more coats of decoupage material and allow to dry overnight.

Enjoy your new furniture.

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