How to Easily Remove Air Bubbles from Your Car’s Window Tint

The Problem

“Hey guys, since I last saw you I got my car’s rear windows tinted. Come take a look.”

“They look good but there are bubbles in the left rear window.”

“What? Bubbles?”

“Yeah, bubbles. Look right there…”

It is aggravating when your car has a blemish – anything from a bird dropping to a scratch will just gnaw at your ego -you are not negligent with your car! Bubbled car window tint may be one of the most maddening of such unsightly markings since the bubbles are so noticeable and seemingly there for eternity. “Seemingly” – no, that is not a typographical error. There could be a way to remove those dreaded bubbles. How? Read on to find out.

The Tools

Prior to starting Operation Air Bubble Removal, you will need to gather a few tools. Locate or purchase a spray bottle that can create a very fine mist. Since you will be working with water, it might be a good idea to get a rag or paper towel that you can use to mop up any excess moisture. You also will need a credit card or other straight-edged (and preferably plastic) item that you can use to smooth out the bubbles without harming the tint. Make sure you grab a pin with a very small point, too. Lastly, know where you get your hands on a hair dryer, just in case.

The Procedure

To increase the odds of smoothing out the bubbles successfully, the window must be prepped to make the film easier to manipulate. First, start by warming the window. You easily can accomplish this simply by parking in the sun. If you are attempting to this during weather that is not cooperative, you can use a hair dryer instead to warm the surface. If you use a hair dryer, make sure that you are under cover in a dry area so that you do not run the risk of electrocuting yourself.

Next, you will have to grab that spray bottle. Fill it with temp water and set the bottle to mist. Then spray the window lightly. You will want to get it moist but not soaking wet. If you got other areas around the window wet, dry them with the towel or paper towel you grabbed earlier.

After properly heating and misting the window, you will want to grab the pin and use it to poke a very small hole in each bubble. Make sure that you take your time and do this very carefully; you want to avoid making too large of a hole or ripping the film.

Finally, reassess the dampness and temperature of the window. If you used the hair dryer to warm the window and it has since cooled, re-heat it quickly. If the window has dried during the time you were working on it, grab the spray bottle and re-mist it. Once you have ascertained the proper temperature and dampness of the window, take the credit card (or whatever straight edge item you grabbed) and use it to slowly and gently smooth out the bubbles. Hold the card at about a 45-degree angle to the window. Smooth out toward the closest edge. Then allow the window to dry fully.

Using the simple tools and procedures described above, it may be possible to remove pesky air bubbles from your car’s window tint. Just make sure that you perform the smoothing step deliberately and slowly and you should be rewarded with a window that looks almost as good as new.

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