How to Get an FAA Repairman Certificate

An FAA repairman certificate is similar but different than an FAA mechanic license. A repairman is a mechanic who already has a job and is essentially recommended by the employer to the FAA for a repair license.

A repairman license is sort of a limited or restricted mechanic license. The applicant’s employer must be an FAA-certified repair station, commercial operator, or air carrier, and the work performed must be of a type that requires FAA authorization. That employer also must recommend the applying repairman.

An FAA-certified repairman applicant must be at least 18 years of age. He must also be able to speak, understand, read, and write English.

Naturally, a repairman must be qualified to perform maintenance on aircraft and aircraft parts and components. The skills to work the job can ob obtained through either aviation maintenance school or work experience.

For those qualifying through experience, it takes at least 18 months of work. That work must be relevant to the same work for which the applicant needs an FAA repairman’s certificate.

Alternatively, a repairman can attend an approved aviation maintenance school.

The good thing about getting a repairman’s license is that, unlike mechanics, there is not a series of certification exams. FAA mechanics have to take three exams – written, oral, and practical. But repairman can bypass that requirement. It’s just that they would need to get another repairman’s certificate or a mechanic’s certificate if they ever lost their job.


FAA Repairman and Mechanic Basic Certification Requirements

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